Strata Considers Change to Low-pH Lixiviant at Ross

Strata Energy is conducting tests and research into the potential use of low-pH lixiviant to recover uranium at the Ross ISR Uranium Mine near Oshoto. Testing results were announced in an October 26 media release by Strata’s parent company, Peninsula Energy Limited. Strata subsequently prepared a detailed White Paper on the proposed lixiviant change in order to:

  • Condense abundant publicly available information into a single document,
  • Provide specific technical evaluations of the environmental and human health aspects of low pH ISR
  • Provide a catalyst for engagement, input, and discussions with the regulatory community; and
  • Inform and engage stakeholders.

View the complete White Paper via the link below.

Low pH Uranium ISR: Historical Projects, Current Practices and Pathway to Future Use in Wyoming

Strata Energy Completes Regulatory Milestone for Expansion

Strata Energy, Inc. (Strata) is pleased to announce that the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has accepted Strata’s application to amend the Ross Project Source Materials License SUA-1601 to include the Kendrick Expansion Area (Kendrick).

In March of 2015, Strata submitted a request to the NRC to amend its existing license to include Kendrick within the Ross License Area (Ross). The NRC staff initiated their acceptance review of the expansion request in September 2015, and in January of this year notified Strata that the application is complete and accepted for detailed technical and environmental review.
Following acceptance of the application for review, on February 29, 2016 the NRC published a Federal Register Notice (FRN) announcing the opportunity to request a hearing and inviting the public to participate in the environmental scoping process. As part of this opportunity, the agency is accepting public comments regarding the project through April 22, 2016. Comments may be submitted by mail, email or online per the instructions in the FRN.

Kendrick is adjacent to Ross, and consists of approximately 7,874 acres – adding an estimated 29.6 million lbs U¬¬3O8 to the resources already licensed at Ross. Under the current life of mine plan, Kendrick is scheduled to come online during the 2019 calendar year.

As the application is an amendment to the existing license, Strata expects that the review timing will be shorter than for the original license given the exhaustive technical and environmental review process already conducted by the NRC at Ross. The NRC currently estimates the license amendment to be completed by September 2017.

Strata Chief Executive Officer Ralph Knode said he is pleased with the NRC’s acceptance. “The NRC’s acceptance of the Kendrick application reaffirms Strata’s level of diligence in submitting a high quality, comprehensive application. Kendrick is a significant part of future development plans for the Ross Project, and we are pleased that the agency is advancing detailed review of the application.”

For more information on the Ross Project and Strata Energy, please visit or contact Strata’s public outreach coordinator, Melissa Butcher, at (307) 461-5688.

Strata Energy, Crook County Partner to Improve Road Safety, Quality

Strata Energy is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Crook County to upgrade 5.5 miles of county roads from shale to crushed red rock. These upgrades improve safety of the roads for local residents, Strata employees and contractors, as well as decrease dust produced by traffic. Completion of this work is in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the two parties in August 2013.

Through this partnership, Strata and Crook County upgraded approximately 4 miles of New Haven Road from Cabin Creek to D Road, and approximately 1.5 miles of the Oshoto Road from New Haven to D Road. Strata provided up-front engineering services, assisted with construction oversight, and contributed $100,000 in crushed rock. Strata also donated 2 acre feet of water to aid in compaction of the new material. In conducting the upgrades, Crook County hired a contractor to pull the shoulders of the road to a consistent width, then placed and compacted the crushed rock.

In addition to the upgrades, Strata continues to work with Crook County through the 2013 MOU to provide dust control on roads regularly utilized by Strata employees and contractors.
Strata recently commenced operations at the Ross Uranium Mine near Oshoto.

Strata Commences Uranium Recovery Operations at Ross Project

Strata Energy is extremely pleased to announce the commencement of in-situ uranium recovery operations at the Ross Permit Area north of Moorcroft, Wyoming, USA.

The U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued its official authorization to begin operations on December 1, 2015. This authorization allows Strata to activate the wellfield injection and production circuits, ion exchange columns and water disposal pathways, and to transport resins for further offsite processing.

The NRC conducted a preoperational inspection at the Ross ISR Project in early November, 2015. The purpose of the inspection was to confirm that written operating procedures and approved radiation safety and environmental monitoring programs are in place, and to verify that preoperational testing was complete.

During their inspections, NRC staff interviewed site personnel, observed the facility, and comprehensively reviewed procedures and program manuals for compliance with applicable regulations, license conditions, and license application.

The inspection team concluded that Strata has established programs that are protective of site workers, the public, and the environment at the Ross ISR Project. These programs include management oversight and audits, routine site inspections, plant operations, radiation protection, effluent, and environmental monitoring, groundwater monitoring, radioactive materials transportation, radioactive waste handling, and emergency preparedness.

Based on the results of the preoperational inspection, the NRC staff determined that the Ross ISR Project is physically ready for in-situ recovery operations.

Federal Review Board Dismisses All Environmental Contentions Against Ross Project

Strata Energy, Inc. (Strata) is pleased to announce that the United States Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) has ruled in favor of Strata and dismissed the three remaining environmental contentions brought against the Ross Project near Oshoto. In making its ruling, the ASLB determined that the contentions raised by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Powder River Basin Resource Council (together, the Joint Intervenors) were not supported by the evidence presented.

Strata has been fully licensed and authorized to advance toward production since receiving the Source and Byproduct Materials License (SML) for the Ross Product in April 2014. However, the contentions claimed that the review process in issuing the license inadequately addressed certain environmental concerns relating to groundwater.

Contentions raised by the Joint Intervenors were heard by the ASLB between September 28, 2014 and October 1, 2014. During the hearing, both Strata and staff members from NRC reinforced that the final SEIS meets the relevant provisions of the United States National Environmental Policy Act, federal regulations, and NRC guidelines for uranium In-Situ Recovery (ISR) mining.

In conclusion, the ASLB ruled that “Joint Intervenors [contentions]…are resolved on the merits in favor of the (NRC) staff and Strata Energy Inc. and the proceeding before this Board is terminated”.

Ralph Knode, Strata CEO, commented: “The ASLB’s decision confirms the stringent level of review applied to the Ross Project throughout the permitting process. With funding in place and the contentions against the Ross SML resolved, we are continuing with construction at the Ross Project and look forward to beginning production this year. We are looking forward to becoming a significant contributor to the Crook County, Wyoming economy in 2015.”