Strata Energy, Crook County Partner to Improve Road Safety, Quality

Strata Energy is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Crook County to upgrade 5.5 miles of county roads from shale to crushed red rock. These upgrades improve safety of the roads for local residents, Strata employees and contractors, as well as decrease dust produced by traffic. Completion of this work is in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the two parties in August 2013.

Through this partnership, Strata and Crook County upgraded approximately 4 miles of New Haven Road from Cabin Creek to D Road, and approximately 1.5 miles of the Oshoto Road from New Haven to D Road. Strata provided up-front engineering services, assisted with construction oversight, and contributed $100,000 in crushed rock. Strata also donated 2 acre feet of water to aid in compaction of the new material. In conducting the upgrades, Crook County hired a contractor to pull the shoulders of the road to a consistent width, then placed and compacted the crushed rock.

In addition to the upgrades, Strata continues to work with Crook County through the 2013 MOU to provide dust control on roads regularly utilized by Strata employees and contractors.
Strata recently commenced operations at the Ross Uranium Mine near Oshoto.