Strata Commences Uranium Recovery Operations at Ross Project

Strata Energy is extremely pleased to announce the commencement of in-situ uranium recovery operations at the Ross Permit Area north of Moorcroft, Wyoming, USA.

The U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued its official authorization to begin operations on December 1, 2015. This authorization allows Strata to activate the wellfield injection and production circuits, ion exchange columns and water disposal pathways, and to transport resins for further offsite processing.

The NRC conducted a preoperational inspection at the Ross ISR Project in early November, 2015. The purpose of the inspection was to confirm that written operating procedures and approved radiation safety and environmental monitoring programs are in place, and to verify that preoperational testing was complete.

During their inspections, NRC staff interviewed site personnel, observed the facility, and comprehensively reviewed procedures and program manuals for compliance with applicable regulations, license conditions, and license application.

The inspection team concluded that Strata has established programs that are protective of site workers, the public, and the environment at the Ross ISR Project. These programs include management oversight and audits, routine site inspections, plant operations, radiation protection, effluent, and environmental monitoring, groundwater monitoring, radioactive materials transportation, radioactive waste handling, and emergency preparedness.

Based on the results of the preoperational inspection, the NRC staff determined that the Ross ISR Project is physically ready for in-situ recovery operations.