Strata Considers Change to Low-pH Lixiviant at Ross

Strata Energy is conducting tests and research into the potential use of low-pH lixiviant to recover uranium at the Ross ISR Uranium Mine near Oshoto. Testing results were announced in an October 26 media release by Strata’s parent company, Peninsula Energy Limited. Strata subsequently prepared a detailed White Paper on the proposed lixiviant change in order to:

  • Condense abundant publicly available information into a single document,
  • Provide specific technical evaluations of the environmental and human health aspects of low pH ISR
  • Provide a catalyst for engagement, input, and discussions with the regulatory community; and
  • Inform and engage stakeholders.

View the complete White Paper via the link below.

Low pH Uranium ISR: Historical Projects, Current Practices and Pathway to Future Use in Wyoming