Federal Review Board Dismisses All Environmental Contentions Against Ross Project

Strata Energy, Inc. (Strata) is pleased to announce that the United States Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) has ruled in favor of Strata and dismissed the three remaining environmental contentions brought against the Ross Project near Oshoto. In making its ruling, the ASLB determined that the contentions raised by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Powder River Basin Resource Council (together, the Joint Intervenors) were not supported by the evidence presented.

Strata has been fully licensed and authorized to advance toward production since receiving the Source and Byproduct Materials License (SML) for the Ross Product in April 2014. However, the contentions claimed that the review process in issuing the license inadequately addressed certain environmental concerns relating to groundwater.

Contentions raised by the Joint Intervenors were heard by the ASLB between September 28, 2014 and October 1, 2014. During the hearing, both Strata and staff members from NRC reinforced that the final SEIS meets the relevant provisions of the United States National Environmental Policy Act, federal regulations, and NRC guidelines for uranium In-Situ Recovery (ISR) mining.

In conclusion, the ASLB ruled that “Joint Intervenors [contentions]…are resolved on the merits in favor of the (NRC) staff and Strata Energy Inc. and the proceeding before this Board is terminated”.

Ralph Knode, Strata CEO, commented: “The ASLB’s decision confirms the stringent level of review applied to the Ross Project throughout the permitting process. With funding in place and the contentions against the Ross SML resolved, we are continuing with construction at the Ross Project and look forward to beginning production this year. We are looking forward to becoming a significant contributor to the Crook County, Wyoming economy in 2015.”