Moorcroft Students Learn About Uranium Mining

Strata geologists explain the purpose of the meteorological monitoring station to Moorcroft seventh grade science students.

Strata Energy in January 2012 hosted the Moorcroft seventh grade Earth Science classes at the company’s Oshoto field office, for a day of learning the science behind uranium mining. Strata’s mine planning engineer rode with the students en route to the field office, explaining the various land formations found in the region and how they influence mining operations. Once on site, the students learned about how the drilling program determines the location and concentration of uranium. Field Office Manager David Risley and GIS/Database Manager Rachelle Ashley showed the students how data collected from core samples can be used to build computer-generated diagrams and other reports important to mine planning, operations and monitoring.

Lastly, the upcoming generation of Crook County residents learned what actions Strata takes to ensure close monitoring of environmental quality in the project area, including the air, soil, groundwater and surface water.

Strata provides tours to students and community groups as requested. Contact us for more information!